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Mail receiving
You can now purchase this service securely from this Website. If you require a business address using our centre's location, a mailbox is the solution for you. You can have a street address, suite number, flat number, studio number or something similar. You do not even need to be living in the UK to have a Second Address.
Fax receiving
You can have  have a local fax number to go with your mailing address that you can give to clients and put on your stationery. We will receive the faxes for you and put them in your box. There is an extra charge for this. Faxes are charged per fax receipt.

Parcel receiving
As a Mailbox customer we can receive courier parcels on your behalf, ensuring shipments can be organised even when you are not there to receive them.

Bring your mail to us. We'll frank it and post it for you. Forget Post Office Queues!
Bring heavier parcels to us. We'll courier them for you and bill you later (monthly)

Packages for different needs
We recognise that different businesses require different solutions. Our mailboxes come in three packages, namely standard, medium  and large. We also have mail holding and forwarding services. You choose which one meets your needs and your pocket.

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