Mail Holding and Forwarding - UK

Have your post forwarded confidentially.

Mail holding only (no actual mailbox, you call in) is £15 per month maximum see prices
NOW FROM ONLY 6.50 PER MONTH! when you sign for log-term use.

Mail holding and forwarding (no actual mailbox) is £25 per month see prices

We charge extra postage charges for:
Bulky items on a postage by weight fee (Post Office charges)
Items being forwarded outside the UK

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FAQ: Can I choose a normal sounding name for my address, such as 'FLAT 12'.

ANSWER: Yes. We tell you the address (or mailbox)  number, such as 12. You can use any  prefix you like. Examples - Flat 12, Suite 12, Dept. 12, Studio 12, Number 12, Unit 12.

We also handle contract (bulk) mail operations. Mail return, mailorder and mailout services.


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