Parcel Reception

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How to be in when you're out...

Whether your mailbox is for business or personal use we can take delivery for you 6 days a week .

Catalogue deliveries, ebay deliveries. Other online shopping deliveries.

Business equipment and stock, for home-based businesses.

General parcels and recorded deliveries.

Recorded and Special Deliveries signed for on your behalf

Returns for mail-order businesses.



NOTES For personal-use customers:

Royal Mail deliveries are getting later in the day.

If you are out and a parcel or recorded delivery item card is left you now have to wait a minimum of 2 days before the item goes via central sorting depots to your local sorting office for you to collect.

The queues at local sorting offices are getting very long and the risk of loss of undelivered items is high.

For just 6.50 per month you can relax about urgent letters and parcels going via two sorting depots and offices to a place you can only get to in working hours and with long queues.

Click to see our special flyer on the subject of Royal Mail undelivered item cards.


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