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SecondAddress™.      Your customers will enjoy the benefits of a second address!

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We're making SecondAddress mailboxes and mail services available nationwide. Every day we receive calls from would-be customers, requiring mail addresses in London, northern cities and various regional locations. For immediate start. All areas considered.

This is a very low-outlay, low-running-cost business that you can buy in to, now, at a special price, to start immediately.

  FAQs for potential franchisees




How much will it cost me to get started? We are offering complete franchise packages for £3,995. This is the total cost and includes all start up assets.

What are the mailbox units like and what size are they? There are two types of mailbox units. Both types are 1 metre wide, 1 metre high and 36 cm deep. Click here to see more detail. You get two units with your package and you can add others later, as you grow.

Do I need to have a shop? SecondAddress Mailboxes and Mail services is ideally suited to fit into an existing shop or be a shop in its own right. However, we do have agents providing mail forwarding services from home.

Do I need / will I need a web site?
It isn't necessary as we will forward all enquiries we get for your location and we'll place all your contact details on our web site. It benefits us to offer additional locations. We'll create a page for you in our site with feature, contact and direct payment facility (if you have a PAYPAL account).  See SecondAddress/YourLocation for a dummy version of what your page would look like.

If I decide to set up a complete mailboxes shop, do I need to offer 24 hour access? No. There will always be some people who want to collect their mail out-of-hours or in the dark! But our research and experience has found that, by far, the vast majority of people who want a second address are quite happy to fit in with normal shop opening hours.

Are there any ongoing costs after the £3,995 franchise purchase? No. Your franchise contract states that no further charges will become due to us, ever. Please buy your additional stationery from us (leaflets, flyers, posters) as and when you need it. Plus, as you grow, we'll offer you additional mailbox block units at a charge of £600 - wooden (per 30) and £900 - metal (per 30).

There are no other fees for you to pay and there is no time limit contract or minimum period you must serve as franchisee.

Is there a contract period and am I locked in? No. There is no time limit contract or minimum period you must serve as franchisee. But if you leave the franchise you cannot continue trading-as or displaying the name of SecondAddress.

Do I have to pay anything in the early days when I am building up mailbox customers? No. Only the initial £3,995. Your franchise contract states that no further charges will become due to us, ever.
Will I be trained? Yes. Training is included in the franchise price and you will be instructed in how to sell the service, how to manage it and how to build your customer base. This is included in your entry price.

What if someone else wants to be a SecondAddress franchisee in my area? You will take priority. We will not give anyone else a franchise within a 10 mille radius of an existing franchise, and if an application is received within 20 miles of you - we will consult you as our regional franchisee.

How quickly can I start? We can deliver your SecondAddress package by courier the day after payment is made.
What kind of shop is SecondAddress mailboxes ideally suited to? Ideally, we think that the following shops would yield the fastest results and fit perfectly with a mailboxes element:


However, the beauty of SecondAddress mailboxes is that it can fit into or alongside any shop whatsoever, as a main feature or as a concession.

How long would it be before I recouped my outlay of £3,995? With just 20 mailbox customers, using the smallest mailbox option (at £20 each per month)  you would take £4,800 in a year. Even if you discount to £15 per month per box to get you a large influx of customers at the start, you'll take £3,600 in the first full trading year. This assumes you would give no reductions in the monthly retail mailbox price, which you are free to do to obtain longer term mailbox customers.

Assuming you let 20 mailboxes at the RRP of £20 , you'll be taking  £400 per month. Once you are at this level, after just twelve months your franchise payment would be more than recouped. This is an example and is not intended to suggest that your sales would be typically limited or level to 20.

Don't forget you'll get the £10 setup charge for each mailbox you let as well, plus any spin-offs or add-on service charges.

Who is my target customer? Students (especially foreign students), small businesses with low-budget office service and image needs, ebayers, migrant workers, travellers, divorcees, experimental entrepreneurs and venture capitalists, home workers, freelance workers, etc etc etc.

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