Franchise FAQs...Wooden Mailbox unit types
There are two wooden mailbox unit types:

Both types are 1 metre wide, 1 metre high and 36 cm deep.
1. Type 1 houses 30 small mailboxes. Each one is 115mm x 95mm x 360mm.  Shown in the upper part of the photo below.
2. Type 2 houses 10 medium mailboxes (145 x 140 x 360) and 5 large (145 x 280 x 360) . Shown in the lower part of the photo below.

The mailbox units are constructed of plywood with smooth veneer inside each box, but the doors are made of real well-finished rubber wood.

The mailbox units are strong and heavy. They can form part of an office stud wall. Or be placed stand-alone.

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